Would You Like To Work With Me, James Sinclair, To Soar Your Business To Success, Without Paying The Kind of Exorbitant Fees You’d Expect From a “Business Consultant”?

If you’re a UK entrepreneur who wants to improve your business and create a better lifestyle for yourself and the people you care about, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from never having to worry about money, this is for you.

Hi, my name is James Sinclair.

I build and grow businesses for a living and over the next few minutes I’ll share with you an easy way that you can get your hands on thousands of pounds of business growth tools, advice and support – all for less than the cost of a business book.

You’ve probably never heard of me, and that’s because I’ve been busy building my business, rather than my profile, so let me tell you who I am, why I’ve written this letter and why – if you’re serious about your business being a success – it could be one of the most important things you’ve ever watched.

I left school at 16 and started my own business. That was 15 years ago and since then I’ve built my “Partyman” group into a multi-million pound business, with over 350 staff and interests in leisure, childcare, entertainment and recruitment, as well as big investments in commercial and residential property.

My business journey has been a rollercoaster ride, with ups and downs along the way. I certainly haven’t got some sort of midas touch where everything turns to gold; I work hard, and I’ve made my fair share of expensive mistakes.

But that’s enough about me…this letter is about YOU!

  • You work too many hours
  • Your business isn’t growing as much as you’d like it to be
  • When there is growth, it’s not reflected in additional profits
  • So you’re not taking as much money out of your business as you’d like to be

I can help…

Over the last few years I’ve been asked loads of times to do business consultancy, where I’d get paid thousands of pounds a day to put a suit on and go and help a business.

"Who wouldn’t listen to a guy that employs 300 staff"

I absolutely love James because he’s a PROPER business owner; not another one of these ‘consultant’ types who have never actually run a real business.

A guy who employs over 300 staff and turns 8 figures is certainly worth listening too. The content that he and the EN team produce is hugely engaging and incredibly useful.

Siam Kidd - The Realistic Trader

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Start Your Success Journey

That’s not for me. I don’t want to be a business consultant... ...but I do want to use my experience to help other business owners.

So a few years ago I wrote a book called “The Millionaire Clown” all about how I built my business, and last year I launched something called “Entrepreneurs Network” as a way for me to directly help many more businesses than I’d be able to if I was a one-to-one consultant.

Now, if you’ve been in business for more than twenty minutes, this probably isn’t the first offer you’ve had from someone offering to help you grow your business. There are a couple of good reasons why you shouldn’t put this letter on the pile with all of the others though…

The truth is that the world of “business growth advice” is alive and kicking with hundreds of wannabees, chancers and dickheads who’ve never run a business in their life.

It’s easier to write a book and get some “Business Growth Expert” business cards printed than it is to knuckle down and build a real business.

You don’t need any qualifications to sell business growth advice, just a photo of you with an expensive car, or a video of yourself walking onto a private plane. Job done.

A few years ago, I was on the hunt for some advice for MY business and all I could find were these so-called “experts” and “gurus” that had never run a proper business in their life.

I was about 26 at the time, and already had a decent size business turning over a couple of million, but I was feeling like I’d plateaued. I went to a couple of these “business growth events” that are all the rage these days, in the hope that I’d get the help I needed to move my business up to the next level.

The guys on stage were great presenters, full of energy and enthusiasm, but their content was all about fancy marketing and how to become an online marketer, none of which was useful to me.

I did some research, and they’d never run “real” businesses in their lives.

It’s laughable really.

I wanted to learn from someone who’d trodden the same path as me, someone who understood what it’s like to run a real business in the real world. Someone who cares about footfall and interest rates, about dwell time and gross margins, not someone who only understood website traffic, landing pages and conversion rates.

I’m running a business, not a website!

So, I kept on trucking, learning from my own experiences and expanding rapidly. I kept growing my existing businesses and acquiring new ones, folding them into my empire and making them much more successful.

In the last few years I’ve acquired TEN businesses and started SIX. My business includes over a dozen bricks and mortar sites all over the UK, 350+ staff and over £10 MILLION in sales.

But despite being incredibly busy during those highly successful years, I always had this thought in the back of my mind:

“If I can’t access genuine advice that’ll help me to grow my business the right way, then I’m
guessing that there are a lot of other people out there in exactly the same boat”.

It was then that i realised something:

I started my business at 16. If I’d known THEN what I’d learned by the time I was 28, I’d have grown my business MUCH faster.

…I’d have made far fewer mistakes.
…I’d have learned what works much, much faster.

It took me 15 years to get to £10 million, but if I’d known then what I know now, I reckon I could have done it in less than half the time.

Short of inventing a time machine, there was little I could do with that information to personally benefit me, but I quickly realised that I could use it to benefit others.

So I wrote my book, I began speaking on stage at business events, and last year I handed over the day-to-day stuff at Partyman to my fantastic Managing Director Aaron, freeing up some of my time to focus on building “Entrepreneurs Network.”

That’s why I’ve written this for you…

I’d love you to give the Entrepreneurs Network a try, and see for yourself how you can leverage my experience to grow your business and profits faster. 

If you’re a business owner in the UK and you’d like to tap into advice, expertise and experience that’s rooted in the real world (not in the make-believe land of online marketers) then Entrepreneurs Network is right for you.

What is Entrepreneurs Network,
and how does it work?

Entrepreneurs Network is effectively a business training community with one aim: helping entrepreneurs soar to success, achieve what they want to within their businesses and reap the rewards for themselves and their families.

EN membership is for you if:

1. You own a business and want to make it more of a success
2. You want to access the proven blueprints, tactics and strategies that I’ve used to grow my business from zero to £10 million in just 15 years
3. You care deeply about your loved ones and you’re keen to provide for them in the best way possible
4. You want the peace of mind that comes when you know your financial future is positive and assured

If those four things are true, then there’s no chance you won’t get huge value from Entrepreneurs Network, and the price tag is WAY lower than you’d expect!

Start your success journey

I’ll come back to the investment in a minute, but first, let me run through “what you get” when you come on board as a member of the Entrepreneurs Network…

  • ‘Engage’

    Our printed monthly magazine

    Each month you’ll receive a copy of “ENGAGE” – a high-quality publication exclusively for Entrepreneurs Network members, chock full of valuable content designed to help you with every element of your business – from dealing with your staff, building relationships, buying businesses, raising finance and designing your exit strategy.

  • Unlimited one-to-one support

    We offer UNLIMITED scheduled support calls for all Entrepreneurs Network members. The guy on the other end of the phone won’t be some faceless nobody either, my in-house business coach is Ed Pearson, a man who’s build and run real businesses in the real world, who’s managed teams and got customers. Who understands the commercial realities of being a business owner. Access to Ed is like having your own personal business coach, except without the thousand pound a month fees and I know our members get tremendous value from their calls with him.

  • Unlimited marketing Reviews

    One of the things I’ve learnt over the years is that marketing fuels all good businesses. It’s no good building a business that runs really well if you can’t get any customers through the door. That’s why all Entrepreneurs Network members can send in their marketing and get it critiqued by our in-house team of highly-skilled and highly experiences marketers. Send your marketing to us, and we’ll be able to show you where you need to improve it in order to get the best possible results.

  • Weekly Group Calls

    Every week we hold group calls, facilitated by top Business Coach Ed Pearson. Using a software called Zoom join other EN members to share challenges that you’re facing in your business or simply listen in to the questions being asked by others. You’ve not only got Ed, but also the experience of all of the other members on the call to help. We run these three times a week at various times to make sure there’s a time and day that suits.

  • Business Unplugged

    Every month, we record an audio show focused on business growth. This show might be a recording of a roundtable conversation with guests, or a one-man radio show, or an interview with someone interesting. Whatever the content, whoever the guest, the aim is the same: to help you grow your business swiftly and sustainably. As well as a digital download, we send the audio show straight to your door as a physical CD each month, all included in your membership.

  • Business Spectaculars

    Once a quarter we invite all Entrepreneurs Network members to come together for one ‘spectacular’ day of business-building content. I take to the stage for a couple of keynote presentations, sharing what’s going on in my businesses right now and what I’m going to help them grow, and you’ll also get to hear presentations from the “EN” team as well as our guest speakers.

  • Access to our EN member
    Facebook community

    as part of your membership, you’ll be ushered into your private “members only” Facebook community – I LOVE this place.

    In the community we share advice, best practice and work together as a group to help each others’ businesses.

    Need some help with a problem member of staff? Want go get a few opinions on your marketing or your mission statement? You’ll get answers in the community, courtesy of the others members in there and the EN team too.

  • Foundations
    My A-Z guide to creating entrepreneurial success

    Our “Foundations” sessions are a great place to get started with you Entrepreneurs Network membership. I go through all of my rules for building businesses, leading and creating real wealth, and they are completely free for all members.

"My turnover and profit have doubled"

I’ve been a member with the Network since the start and I was very much hands on in my business to begin with. Since then I’ve stepped out of my business and it’s both my turnover and profit have doubled! I’m set to grow another 200% in the next 12 months.

Joining EN was probably the best decision I’ve ever made for my business.

Stuart Barrow - Promoting Indepence

"We’ve grown 92% in under 12 months"

I’ve been with Entrepreneurs Network since the beginning and I can’t stress enough how valuable it is. Since I joined my business has gone from £450k to £925k and we’re about to break through £1million turnover.

As we approach the 7-figure mark there’s nothing better than being able to learn from James who’s been there and done it himself.e it himself.

Neil Sweeney - Sicuro

So that’s all the “stuff” you get, but it’s not just about the “stuff”, it’s about the result.

Don’t join EN because you want to get a magazine and CD delivered to your letterbox each month and you want to feel like you’re growing your business by attending an event once a quarter.

If you absorb everything you learn from Entrepreneurs Network and take action on the things that are relevant to you, your business will grow faster and stronger.

That’s what it’s all about. Not “lip service” to growth. Actual growth.

But you’ve got to be prepared to work – I can’t build your business for you, but I can definitely help along the way.

Start your success journey

I’m hugely excited about you becoming a member and meeting you at an event.

But mostly, I’m excited about providing you with the support you need to grow your business and achieve the results you want to provide the lifestyle and the peace of mind you want for you and your family.

That’s what it’s all about.

James Sinclair