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If you want to improve your business and create a better lifestyle for yourself and the people you care about, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from never having to worry about money, this might be the most important letter you ever read...


Hi, my name's James Sinclair.

You might have some idea who I am, but you might not, so let me tell you who I am, why I’m writing you this letter and why – if you’re serious about your business being a success – it could be one of the most important things you’ve ever read.

Enclosed in the envelope with this letter is your copy of Engage.

You’ve probably found it. Weighing in at 40+ pages in glorious technicolor, it’s pretty hard to miss.

But at this point you’re probably still scratching your head, wondering why I’ve sent you this magazine, and why I’ve taken the time to write this letter.

Let me explain.

You’ve previously expressed an interest in what we do here at the Entrepreneurs Network for other business owners just like you.

You may have watched a webinar, read some of my emails, or come to one of our Spectaculars.

And if you’re like most other business owners, then you’re probably not quite where you’d like to be in your business.

  • You work too many hours
  • Your business isn’t growing as much as you’d like it to be
  • When there is growth, it’s not reflected in additional profits
  • So you’re not taking as much money out of the business as you’d like to be

Which is why I want you to have a copy of our member’s only briefing, Engage, to keep - free of charge.

This magazine isn’t designed to solve all the problems in your business overnight, because you and I know that growing a business doesn’t work like that.

Growing a business takes more than reading a couple of articles, and then sitting back and waiting for the money to roll in.

Building a strong, sustainable, profitable business requires hard graft, and lots of it.

In truth, when I started my business out of school at 15, I didn’t read any business books or magazines. I was running around like a madman doing kids parties, and bringing more customers on board, not reading about strategies and tactics.

Don’t get me wrong - I had plenty of determination and grit, and an uncanny ability to make sales, but no real business nous.

That’s changed over the last 17 years, growing from ‘Jimbo the Partyman’ one-man-band entertainer, into a proper business turning over £10million each year and employing over 350 staff.

But that growth hasn’t come without its challenges, and my first 10+ years in business came with a steep learning curve. My success today is all the result of my own experience and mistakes – including a few 6 figures ones – and as I look back on those testing times, I can’t help but think:

“If I couldn’t access genuine advice to help me grow my business the right way, then I’m guessing there are lots of other people out there who are still in exactly the same boat”.

I started my business at 15. If I’d known THEN what I’d learned by the time I was 28, I’d have grown my business MUCH faster.

...I’d have made far fewer mistakes.

...I’d have learned what works much, much faster.

It took me 15 years to get to £10 million, but if I’d known then what I know now, I reckon I could have done it in less than half the time.

Which is why I founded the Entrepreneurs Network.

Because I wanted a way to help other business owners navigate the treacherous path of business through my own experience and mistakes – the good and the bad – to help them soar their businesses to success faster than they ever dared to dream was possible.

We’re already helping hundreds of business owners, and I’m confident we can help you too, whatever your goal.

Whether you want: get more customers, or make more profit - the kind you can take out of the business. get to grips with marketing strategies, like Facebook ads and video, and understand what’s working right now.

...someone to review your marketing, give you a plan, and hold your hand to help you make it happen.

My team and I at Entrepreneurs Network can provide you with the tools, know-how and support you need to create the business you have always dreamed of.

I’d love you to give us a try, and see for yourself how you can leverage my experience to grow your business and profits faster.

If you’re a business owner in the UK and you’d like to tap into advice, expertise and experience that’s rooted in the real world (not in the make-believe land of online marketers) then Entrepreneurs Network is right for you.

I’ll come back to the investment in a minute, but first, let me run through “what you get” when you come on board as a member of the Entrepreneurs Network...

Quarterly Business Spectaculars

As a member, each quarter you’ll be invited to join us at one of our Business Spectaculars for a ‘spectacular’ day of business-building content.

I’ll take to the stage and share what’s going on in my businesses right now and what I’m doing to help them grow, and you’ll also get to hear from the EN team as well as a few guest speakers - we’ve had Daniel Priestley, John Lovering and Charlie Mullins at the last few, and I’m always on the lookout for new valuable speakers I can bring along.

Unlimited 1:1 Support

We offer UNLIMITED scheduled support calls for all Entrepreneurs Network members.

The guy on the other end of the phone won’t be some faceless nobody either – typically it’ll be my colleague Ed Pearson.

Ed’s built and run businesses, and spent years working alongside business owners who’ve paid thousands for his time and advice. I know our members get tremendous value from their calls with him. It’s like having your own personal business coach, except without the big cheque.

Access to our Private Facebook Group

When you join the Network you’ll be ushered into our private “members only” Facebook group, a place where you can ask questions - without fear of judgement - and get support and answers from your peers.

Need some help with a problem member of staff? Want to get a few opinions on your marketing or your mission statement? You’ll get your answers in the community, courtesy of the other members in there and the EN team too.

Our Fantastic Monthly Collateral

Each month I’ll send you a brand new copy of Engage, similar to the one you’ve got in front of you, jam packed with articles from the team at EN, plus a few expert contributors.

We also produce a monthly audio show - the Business Growth Show - where we discuss the pressing business issues that month, and I’ll get a copy sent straight to your door, as a physical CD each month. We do a digital version too though, don’t worry.

But being a member of Entrepeneurs Network isn’t just about the ‘stuff’ you get through the post each month. It’s about the results. And this is what some of our members have achieved since joining”:
“We’ve grown 92% in under 12 months”

I’ve been with Entrepreneurs Network since the beginning and I can’t stress enough how valuable it is. Since I joined my business has gone from £450k to £925k and we’re about to break through £1million turnover.

As we approach the 7-figure mark there’s nothing better than being able to learn from James who’s been there and done it himself.e it himself.

Neil Sweeney

“My turnover and profit have doubled”

I’ve been a member with the Network since the start and I was very much hands on in my business to begin with. Since then I’ve stepped out of my business and it’s both my turnover and profit have doubled! I’m set to grow another 200% in the next 12 months.

Joining EN was probably the best decision I’ve ever made for my business.

Stuart Barrow
Promoting Independence

So what’s the investment?

Entrepreneurs Network costs £168+VAT for your first month, and just £69+VAT for every month after that.

Before you make up your mind though, I’ve just got a couple more things to share with you – little bonuses to make your decision to try us out and see what we’ve got to offer even easier.

BONUS #1: We’ll waive the £99 joining fee

Come on board before 5pm Friday and I’ll waive our usual joining fee of £99+VAT, meaning you’ll pay just £69+VAT today.

BONUS #2: Don’t pay another penny until 2018

In addition to waiving the joining fee, if you come on board before Friday’s 5pm deadline you’ll pay just £69+VAT today, and then pay nothing again until January.

That gives you more than enough time to make the most of everything your membership offers, without having to fret about your next payment.

BONUS #3: I’ll send you a copy of Millionaire Clown

My first book, The Millionaire Clown, charts my business journey from kid’s entertainer to CEO of the Partyman Group. It’s rammed full of real-life lessons on growing a business too, but you need to take action before 5pm Friday if you want me to send you a copy.

BONUS #4: A 20 minute 1:1 with one of my team

We’ve got shed loads of expertise in EN and Partyman - from advanced marketing strategies and tactics, to telesales management, hiring and firing, raising finance, and virtually every other challenge that faces business owners from time to time.

Sign up before 5pm Friday and I’ll schedule a 1:1 with the right member of my team to help you out.

That’s my invitation to you...

Join Entrepreneurs Network, get the printed monthly newsletter, the audio show, the Business Spectaculars, and UNLIMITED telephone support PLUS a 20-minute expert 1:1 and copy of my book, all for just £69+VAT today and nothing else to be paid until 2018.

I’m hugely excited about you becoming a member, about talking to you during our 1:1 and meeting you at an event.

But mostly, I’m excited about providing you with the support you need to grow your business and achieve the results you need to provide the lifestyle and the peace of mind you want for you and your family.

That’s what it’s all about.

To your continued success,