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The method behind the madness

The Entrepreneurs Network was created to help UK Business Owners soar to success, achieve what they want within their businesses and reap the rewards for themselves and their families.

– a business designed to provide practical and actionable advice and expertise for entrepreneurs all over the UK.

Between the members of the EN team, there’s a whole load of experience that they bring to the table, and that’s before you add in every other members, because that’s what the Entrepreneurs Network is really all about…

If you’re a business owner in the UK, and you’d like to tap into advice, expertise and strategies that’ll help you grow your business fast and sustainably, then the chances  are, Entrepreneurs Network is right for you.

At last count, his business portfolio included 14 brick and mortar businesses across 11 different sites, and his companies did over £10 million in sales in 2016. But during his journey over the last 15 years, and having attended several ‘business growth’ events with friends, James realised how difficult it’s become to access people who genuinely know how to grow businesses rapidly AND sustainably. And those who did charged £1000’s an hour in consulting fees. Which meant that there were lots of other business owners out there who genuinely wanted to grow their businesses sustainably, but didn’t want to  shell out hundreds or thousands of pounds to a business coach or consultant to help them along the way.

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